Terms & Conditions


By signing up to WUSBI analysis you will be receiving information designed to help you get more enquiries from your website visitors.

WUSBI will highlight opportunities for you to strengthen one part of your website, following installation of analysis code and subsequent analysis of website visitor patterns.

The recommendations that WUSBI makes will need implementation by you.  Some of those recommendations may apply to other parts of your website, enabling you to further enhance your opportunity to increase website enquiries/sales from visitors.

There is no cost for you to use WUSBI.


Single use of WUSBI

Use of the WUSBI service is limited to the analysis of only one url per domain name.

For example, if you had a choice of these two pages to analyse, you would only be able to use WUSBI for one of them:



WUSBI will analyse the first URL from a domain that is submitted.

Any attempts to analyse more than one website url from the same domain will be rejected by WUSBI.


Email validation

Your email address domain needs to match the domain of your website.

For example, if your page to analyse is bloggswidgets.com/red-widgets, then your email address will need to be one from bloggswidgets.com.

You can’t use generic email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) – they will be rejected by WUSBI.

This condition is in place to avoid abuse of the free service.